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Export Service

Carnee has much export experience. We can offer you one-stop service which from the production, inspection, transportation, installation and commissioning.

Up to now, we have exported to many countries including Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Mexio, Philippine and Georgia etc.

We can assure the goods export abroad smoothly In the process of product certification, and customs clearance.

We will choose the famous brand from domestic suppliers in the selection of the motor, circuit boards, etc. All plates are required to meet Class 1 safety standards.

In the product testing, we implement a strict self-inspection system. and we also cooperate with the internationally renowned certification bodies such as SGS, Interteck, CE, COC, etc.

Transport: flexible mode of transport, reasonable price, on time flight.

Installation and commissioning: To save the cost of customers, we can guide customers to install and debug products online. of course, if necessary, we can send our professional engineers to your country to help the installation.