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Happy Bungee For Adult

This equipment is formed by simple and stock-still parts, no mechanical

drive or electronic, it is very economic and environment-friendly. Jumping

mat: fade-resistant,UV-resistance,Using V rings to attach the springs ,

stronger and transfer the power of the spring better and it has 6 layers

of tough stitching toattach the rings to the mat,provides maximum

sturdiness, withstands hard jumping and can be used for years Foam

pad: EPE, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape.

The trampoline frame is manufactured from 1.5mm Rust resistant heavy

duty steel and W shape legs base,It iszinc coated(hot galvanized inside and

outside).It is tough and durable and will give you great .confidence in your


Covering Area: 12m*12m
Height: 12m
Flying Height: 14m
Safety Belt: Imported safety belt
Painting: Car baking painting
Steel Frame: High strength stell
Elastic rope: Imported rode.

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