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Space Hunting

Space Hunting use science fiction color, color rich move feeling themes of

science and technology, novel appearance atmosphere, more attractive.

Tie-in spectacular lighting effects, can yet be regarded as a beautiful scenery

in the park.The whole machine is divided into six big arms, each arm is

equipped with two cabin, each cockpit sat 2 people, greatly satisfy the

demand of present family visit/couples type.Each cabin is equipped with

2 laser induced gun and cockpit ascending and descending button, let every

tourist in the process of on playability is higher. Blue star ride is self-control

machine amusement ride,swing up and down. it is widely used in outdoor

playground, park, and pleasant spot, and it is always attractive to the customers

from all over the world, both the children and the adults .Give your children a

wonderful childhood with the most joy.

Capacity : 24 passengers
Voltage : 380 v
Power : 18 kw
Covering Area : 12m *12m
Height : 6m
Speed :  9 rpm



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