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Human Gyroscope Ride B

Human Gyroscope is a amusement equipment which springs from 

simulation facilities train pilots  and astronomers. Passengers can 

causally turn 360 slowly or quickly. This human gyroscope rides can 

cause you to make the  special feeling  of rotation in three dimension

space. Besides,it can make you relax your all muscle  and exercise

your body while you are playing.Human Gyroscope is widely used 

in parks, amusement parks,youth,palace,shopping mall,funfair,outdoor 

playground, theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard,tourist 

attraction and so on. It is an excellent choice for investment.

Capacity : 4 Passengers
Voltage :  110v/220v/380v 
Power : 4.5kw
Covering Area : 4m*4m
Heigh : 3.2m
Color : Customized 



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