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Rotary Fish Ride

Rotary fish ride have many LED lights, making it most attractive and

shinning on the night. It's a kind of amusement that most popular

among children, there's interesting music and flying like a cradle

makes children happy, bring much laugh for players.The carps

fishing equipment are the carp leaped on the clouds, surrounded

with lotus leaf, fish, frogs and other animals, lively and lovely,

colorful. Each carp cabin on the two water cannons, pull the switch

to water jetting, playing in the center of the animal 's body, animal

spray, and with music, novelty and fun.

Capacity : 12 passengers
Voltage : 220v/380 v
Power : 4 kw
Covering Area : 8m *8m
Height : 2.6m
Speed :  1-3 m/s



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