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kiddie jet plane ride

Self-control Plane is a type of self-control aircraft amusement comprised

elements make breathtaking experience. Bring  the human world of space

development and utilization of the brilliant achievements with the

performance. It’s a type of self-control aircraft amusement equipment

with new shape and combines imposing, impressive and interesting. There

is a plane at the end of 6 arms separately attached to a giant towering

rocket in the center of this equipment.Each time the launch begins a series

of rotation around the giant towering rocket with the colorful lights and

sounds of whiz and journey feel with enjoyment. The passengers can control

it through operating sticks to shot and chase. 

Capacity : 16 passengers
Voltage : 380 v
Power : 11 kw
Covering Area : 11m *11m
Height : 7 m
Speed :  9 rpm



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