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Kiddie Train For Sale

This is a kiddie rail train , it has 3/4 cabins ,Each cabin can carry 2 adults or 4 kids . and

Mostly the kiddie train train is designed for the children .    The longth and width of the

rail track , can be customized according to your requirment . it can be installed in the

indoor mall or the city plaza , Adavantage : 

  • FRP material     The body of the carbin are made of the fiber glass ,it is very light and hard .
  • Painting               We use the baking painting skill , So color will not fade .
  • Rail material        We use the country standard pipe to produce the rail , rail is hard enough .
Kiddie Train For Sale
Voltage: 380v/220v
Power:  3kw
Size :  6m*8m
Capacity:  12P
Speed:  1-3RPM



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