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kids playground bungee bed

Children's bungee jumping beds are also called bungee jumping, bungee jumping and bungy jumping.

It is made of  a trampoline, a stretch rope, elastic surface and lifting columns to allow you to jump and make a variety of pattern flipping movements in a height of 4 meters.

How pleasant it is!

It allows you to increase your coordination in the air, giving your joints and muscles a unique pull, which is both fitness and very interesting.

You will definitely like "Happy Bungee" because it is so exciting.

You can imagine that with a trampoline, a stretchy Malaysian imported elastic rope and two columns, you will be raised to an altitude of 4 meters, and then you can easily make various patterns in the air to flip and enjoy the feeling of soar. 

Color: Red , Blue,Yellow,Green
Size: 2m*2m*4m
Safety Belt: Imported safety belt
Painting: Car baking painting
Steel Frame: High strength stell
Elastic rope: Imported rode.
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