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Worm Coaster B

This is a kiddie worm roller coaster , it is more exciting than the simple up and 

down worm coaster , the cabin have more capacity , it can carry 4 persons a 

thime , and the track is longer and higher than the simple  kiddie worm coaster . 

Advantage  : 

1 Our fiberglass is more thick and pure than other supplier’s , the supportingpart is 6-8

mm , others are 5mm , and decoration part is 3-5mm . others are 3 mm . 

2  The screw and bolts in the steel frame are high-strength screw and bolts ,

can be used at least 20 years . it can keep the rides work in a more safe condition . 

Capacity : 16 Passengers
Voltage : 380v 
Power : 5 Kw
Covering Area : 14m*26m
Speed : 10-15km/h
Height : 3.5m



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