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Small Flying Chair

Amusement Flying Chair is a novel class flight tower rides, can take more

than  8rpm rotation speed. Luxurious look decorative, fun form of exercise.

Tourists ride in hanging chair, with the turntable running slowly rising, as if

flying in the sky, like being in the undulator undulating sea, fun. Tourists

seat under centrifugal force swirling around the column and downs, like

geese flying in the skies of the maneuver, one after another, up and down

every now and then. It includes entertainment, fun, thrilling and irritating,etc.

Size:   D4mxH3.5m 
Capacity:  12P 
Power:  2KW 
Voltage:  380V, 50/60HZ 
Speed:   8rpm 
Space area:   7mx7m 

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