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Self control Plane C

Self-control Plane is a type of self-control aircraft amusement equipment with
new shape and combines imposing,impressive and interesting.2) There is a plane
at the end of 6 arms, separately attached to a giant towering rocket in the center 
of this carnival equipment.When this whole amusement machine rotating, the Led 
lights decorated on the central pillar will be shinning.There are buttons inside the
cabins, passengers can control the plane cabins ups and downs through pressing
the buttons. One necessary amusement rides for theme park, both kids and parents 
can enjoy the flying enjoyment bring from this funfair rides !
Capacity : 24 passengers
Voltage : 380 v
Power : 17 kw
Covering Area : 14.5m *14.5m
Height : 7m
Speed :  9 rpm



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