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Energy Storm Ride

Energy Storm also called Energy Claw rides, is a new exciting amusement park
machine, designed and produced by CARNEE. As a leading manufacturer in
middle of China, CARNEE Rides has beed developed a wide range of amusement
rides production line. The large amusement equipment Energy Claw is combined
by the hydraulic system and motor drive, 3arms with 24seats in all, It will bring
passengers reversal shock, and with the cockpit ups and downs, therefore,
this carnival machine produces the effect of every kind of movements at incredible 
speeds and double rotatio along with the glitter LED lights on each cockpit. 
Capacity:  24 Passengers
Voltage : 380V
Power : 23 kw
Covering area: 13m*13m
Working Height : 5.5m
Speed : 8.7-9.5 rpm




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