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Elephant Train Ride

This is a kind of animal train ride ,Carnee ride have two animal train rides , one is 

elephant train ride , and the other is ocean train ride .

This kiddie train ride suit the zoo and park . and it can also be used in the shopping mall.


Our Advantage:

FRP : The thicknees of our fiberglass is more thick and pure than other supplier's , The 

supporting is 6-8mm , others are 5 mm.  our decoration part is 3-5mm . others are 3mm . 

Lights:  Carnee ride use the RGB light instead of the led light to decorate the train ride . 

Battery:  Our battery are purchased from demostic famous suppliers , quality is much better . 

Type: track or trackless for choose.

Capacity: 14
Work Voltage:  48v 
Power:  2kw
Battery: 12v/150ah*4pcs
Speed: 8km/h



Any question about the rides and attractions , please let us know ,we will reply you within 24 hours . Kindly fill your contact information and question in the from below . we will keep your contact information as a secret. Thank you !