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spinning coffee cup rides for sale amusement parks

July 16, 2018


Tea cup ride is one of the kiddie rides. It is favored by the various age group. It has a vivid and creative design, which is very absorbing. Mother and father can take their little children with each other in the teacup, and it is big enough to admit four people in a single teacup. Teacup ride mainly includes six teacups and a major turntable. The ride has different cup-style designs, such as coffee cup ride and bear cup ride. The design can be designed in accordance to purchasers’need. Teacup rides for sale can be built in an enjoyment park, theme park, and community. It really is convenient to manage this ride and it will not take up too much space. Carnee group has produced this type of product for several years, so they offers top quality amusement park equipment and entire after-sale services.

Tea Cup Ride Operating Principle

The large turntable orbits close to the coffeepot within the middle associated with the ride. 4 passengers sit in one coffee cup and turn the controls to manage their cup ride rotating in 360 degree freely independently. Generally the amount of production is regarding 15~20 days. Therefore if you possess a plan to make use of teacup amusement ride available for sale, you require to make an earlier plan and enquiry for quotation. Look for a professional tea cup manufacturer. Compare the price and quality associated with Teacup Amusement ride to make your own best choice.

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Materials Of Spinning Teacup Ride

The primary entire body of spinning teacup ride is metal material. The decoration and carriage follow glass fiber reinforced plastics as the primary material. Carnee usually chooses and adopts high quality natural material to produce and make certain the good plus amusement park secure tea cup ride for using.

Advantages Of Carnee Tea Cup Ride

Carnee tea cup ride is manufactured using the durable standard accessories from the legitimate factory and presently there is really low plus even zero failing rate. All the particular fiberglass products adopt car rust-free paint that is smooth, brilliant and durable in make use of. Carnee amusement recreation area tea cup ride for sale will be exquisite and durable, and attracts numerous people’s good status. Carnee after-sale service includes three ensures for repair plus Life-long maintenance other than quick-wear parts.

Tea Cup Ride Manufacturer

Carnee is a professional and leading amusement park ride manufacturer in China that can produce a number of high quality tea cup ride available for sale. Carnee takes every piece of tea cup ride and even every part to be the most crucial and try all our technology and service to provide customers with the best products and service. Carnee has own production factory and professional production line. And addition many years’ technology research, Carnee has the enough strength and capability to design and manufacture the unique tea cup ride for you.

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