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Burkina Faso Client Come To Visit Our Factory

November 25, 2017

The customer from Burkina Faso, one country which is located in the West Africa, he has one park project and plans to build one park for local city, to attract the local citizen for
Consumption and entertainment.
Firstly, the customer prepared one park land, and looked for professional staff to measure
his park land, after he offered us the park land CAD picture, CARNEE company begin to have deep analysis for the customer's park land.According to the specific requirements, the total budget and park land, our company introduced several sets of amusement rides,
from big * thrilling rides to small & medium-sized amusement equipments.
                                          ZHENGZHOU CARNEE TRADING CO., LTD.
Secondly, according to the total information and choice for the rides, we offered the customers the park ichnography, show him the park layout, he was very satisfied with our designs.
Finally, we made the 3D park results according to the ichnography.
                                        ZHENGZHOU CARNEE TRADING CO., LTD.
After his park land project was approved by the local government, the customer began to fly to China and visit, to discuss how to build his park.
In November, 2017 Year, the customer came and visit our factory, we firstly showed him the total rides he chose, large quantity information of pictures and videos, to learn the machines in our workshop, he was deeply satisfied with the fun rides Jumping Circle, our new developed carnival rides.The visiting was nice & sucessful, the customer got the information what he wanted, and the folowing is our nice cooperation !
As one professional amusement rides manufacturer in this industry, we offer the design, production, installation and trainings for local workers, one-stop service, best quality with realible prices, good service after-sales, made several successful project in oevrseas