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human gyroscope ride for sale

June 28, 2018

Gyroscope ride, also called human gyroscope ride, 3D space ride, gyro ride, gyroscope chair, human gyro golf ball or space ball ride, any of popular enjoyment rides among people in an amusement park or fairground. Carnee gyroscope trip for sale is evolved from the simulator that is employed for training pilots and astronauts. Among those rides seen in amusement parks or fairgrounds, the ride is a little thrilling but safe enough. You can buy one for private use or public use. We offer different types of gyro rides with solitary seat, double seats, four seats or six chairs. Welcome to ask the cost at any time.

Why is Carnee Gyroscope Trip So Popular?

Passengers are seated in the chair, and then they are equipped with shoulder harness and arms and legs are tied with safety belts. Some of human being gyroscope rides for purchase are designed to allow passengers to sit in person while others have chairs where passengers are sitting continual. When the ride starts, passengers will spin by 360 degree, and the speed is definitely altering, sometimes fast and sometimes sluggish. So, Carnee gyroscope chairs can bring riders a distinctive experience of free spinning with zero gravity. This feeling can seldom be achieved in our daily life on the earth. In addition , passengers are able to exercise their health when they ride our gyroscope trip for sale, because their bodies ceaselessly rotates until the ride is over. In conclusion, on the one hand, our gyro ride has got the function of relaxing riders’ all muscles, and on another hands, it creates a lot of fun for passengers and make this experience become an unforgettable memory in their life.

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Applications of Human being Gyroscope rides

Carnee human gyro ride covers a tiny area and it has novel design concept. Also, it needs few investment cost. Therefore, the ride is widely applicable in amusement parks with large or small scale, recreational areas, big or small squares, funfairs, shopping malls, fairgrounds and carnivals, etc.

Functions of Gyroscope Seat

  1. First of all, Carnee adopts superior materials to produce the gyro ride. For example, we use pure seamless steel tube to ensure the ride’s tenacity as well as extend its service life.
  2. Secondly, our gyroscope rides can be broken into normal rides (monocyclic ring) and reinforced ones (dual rings). What’s more, in accordance to capacity, the gyroscope chair available for sale includes one seat, 2 seats, 4 seats and 6 chairs. Meanwhile, our gyro trips are broken into the set one and something with a trailer. The kind with a trailer is straightforward to move, which is convenient for those operators running a funfair or fairground that has no fixed place.
  3. Thirdly, the gyroscope trip for sale has attractive appearance, bright color, and unique procedure mode. It is easy to install and move. Simultaneously, its failing rate is low, so does its maintenance cost.

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Human Gyroscope Ride Manufacturer

Carnee is a leading company that involves in businesses of an array of enjoyment park rides, carnival trips, funfair rides, fairground trips and our rides are welcomed in the household and overseas markets. Your gyroscope ride manufactured by Carnee amusement Equipment creates the sense of dimensionality and is able to bring passengers a sensation of weightlessness. If you are considering it, please contact us-a reliable gyroscope ride manufacturer. We offer the biggest discount and best services for each customer.

Any question about the rides and attractions , please let us know ,we will reply you within 24 hours . Kindly fill your contact information and question in the from below . we will keep your contact information as a secret. Thank you !