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ground grid bumper car for sale

July 30, 2018


As you visit an amusement recreation area with your family, You can find that the newer electric bumper autos have been the most popular bumper cars. For what reason they can get clear of the old skies net bumper cars? Since the older bumper autos desire a separate power polarity on ceiling, you will be charged more, Vulnerable to electric spark and high voltage (90V) are the reasons. The new electric bumper car drive uses alternating strips of metal over the floor segregated by insulating spacers, and no ceiling grid. That saves many cost and boosts security. Let's check out more details about Carnee newer electric fender cars now.

Floor Main grid Bumper Cars

These fender cars were created to ensure there is not any desire for a grid of power above, nor the poles or rods that come up from inside the vehicle. You will find a floor that is certainly constructed with three specific parts including positive, negative, and insulating strips. These changing strips are divided through the insulating spacers, when the brushes that are under the vehicle cover to strips simultaneously, it forms a circuit which gives the strength, which makes them very simple to work with.

Features of electric bumper car

1. Fiber glass reinforced covers all used Automobile coloring baking process.
2. installment repayments on your Four levels of painting processing(primer, white painting, colorful painting, varnish)
3. The ideal thickness of fiber glass reinforced covers are six layers, to ensure the safety and life length of the equipment.
4. There is MP3 function in the control cabinet supporting Circumstance disk and Facts player. It is equipped with remote control unit which makes the procedure is more convenient.
5. Bodily the device is provided with a plurality of LED lamps.


Various kinds of Electric Fender Cars

In the current life, we can simply find electric bumper vehicles in large amusement leisure areas, playgrounds, entertainment centers and some comprehensive theme theme parks. There are many different varieties for visitors to try. Carnee provides different types electric dodgem fender cars for sale. Surface grid electric powered fender cars for sale (in China, this type bumper automobiles usually be called as ground net bumper cars). Ceiling grid bumper automobiles for sale, battery managed bumper cars available, tiny child electric bumper autos for sale and electric water bumper boats available. Carnee electric bumper automobiles amusement ride is a good family party trip which is very easy to drive and have fun on it.

Floor Grid Bumper Car Producer

Ground-grid Bumper Car is a classic and popular ride all over the world, suitable for folks at all ages. Passengers will enjoy thrills and advantages during bumping. Carnee can mainly provide you with 3 varieties of superior bumper car: ground-grid/earth car, ceiling car and power supply car. And our wealthy and mature production experience, advanced technology and experienced technicians will definitely bring you high quality companies excellent services. Our products are incredibly popular in The african continent, East Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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