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flying swing ride for sale cheap quality

July 19, 2018


The swing ride is a new twist on a classic thrill ride and a kind of fairground ride. Many people also call the swing ride other names: chair swing ride, swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger, flying chair.

Once we all know, the seats of a wave swinger are suspended from the rotating top of the carousel. Actually, the spinning reasonable swing rides are the variety of carousel horse rides. As a consequence, there is an additional popular name of soaring chairs ride: swing carousel. There are also a few types of spinning golf swing chair ride that the particular rotating top of the carousel furthermore tilts for more variations associated with motion. This kind of amusement ride is one of the most popular amusement park equipment that can be frequently seen in recreation area model or travelling design.

Fruit Wave Swing Ride for Sale

Fruit influx swing ride is the classic swing ride, plus its chairs and appearance artwork looks like the melon. On the FRP of swing top cornice plus main column part, there are colorful shinning lights. Even in the night period, it can operate and looks more gorgeous. Usually for the fruit soaring chair, the seating capacity is 16 seats. Presently there are two types associated with the ride: one kind is rotating with heading up and down, plus another type will swing head, except rotating along with going up and straight down. In order to swings head, a person will feel more exciting flying around the chairs.


Ocean Themed Swing Ride for Sale

Ocean themed swing ride, which is just like the ocean carousel. It will be painted in sea glowing blue, and there are sea animal pictures on the particular swing chairs and core column and top component. If you have the theme entertainment center or even park, the ocean designed swing ride will become a good choice.


Features of Swing Ride

1. The swing chair ride is a exciting plus romantic amusement ride which usually is very popular amongst the kids, lovers and staff.
2. High quality, safe and reliable, low maintenance and long support life.
3. Custom models and sizes of the particular amusement park swing trip from Carnee can meet the various demands associated with different customers worldwide.
4. Competitive price without the 3rd party, standard exporting packages and quality after-sale support.

Swing ride manufactures

Carnee also manufactures and supplies the hottest type of kiddie swing ride with regard to sale. As our developers aim to designing the popular spinning kiddie rides, our factory manufactures the mini fair swing ride with fiberglass panels. What is more, we also cautiously decorate it with hand-painted pictures by airbrush. Along with accompany with beautiful songs, all novel design pretty adapt to children’s attention. We provides various sorts of newly designed little swing ride including: golf swing ride of fruit theme, ocean swing ride plus other custom-made small golf swing ride.

How does the Spinning Chair Ride Works?

About the spinning chair ride working process, let me personally give you detail explanation. When the flying golf swing ride is in static status, the top coverage is in level, and all the chairs hold on it. Its start will be handled by the control cabinet, first we need to ensure all of the travellers are seated well plus fasten the seat belt. After all preparation function are finished, then start the gear, the seating chairs will swing out within circle from slow to fast. People may really feel they may be flying to the particular sky like bird, therefore thrilling and exciting.

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