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buy skynet electric bumper car for sale

July 20, 2018


Skynet bumper car, with a combined block portion of conductor of the power network is in a sizable sufficient insulation board plurality of conductive strips arranged adjacent conductive electrodes from the reverse, each of the conductive strips each using the appropriate technique connected to the conclusion of the energy of the exact same name. When a good object in the power supply system in the independence of movement, or can draw power from your electrical energy supply network through a sliding contact group. Article huge power supply system can be applied straight to the amusement park bumper car supply. With this method of bumper cars powered activities, you do not have holes and floor steel, direct entry to the common floor. Bumper cars are the rules associated with the game: for the fastest driver during a call to complete the round and circular, the way you can rampage, the car hit the opponent to open up. When time is up, the game ends when the operator from the power supply is turned on. Bumper car velocity is often very sluggish, whether or not the effect will not damage individuals and vehicles.

when players sit the bumper car, they will drive the car to bump other people's cars. During the time, they can have the face-to-face feeling and feel the feeling of victory. Many players can enjoy on their own in this game. popular with adults and children. Suit for amusement park, shopping middle, sports, residential zone, theme parks, Supermarkets and so forth. Our own bumper car has professional technique, highest quality, affordable price. And it is utilized environmental material which is corrosion-resistant and stable.

The advantage of bumper car

1 Hot sell in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Russia and South America and so forth
2. 24 hours/day phone services, twenty-four hours/day mail services.
3. Global leading professional producer of kids amusement recreation area rides.
4. Competitive price without 3 rd party.
5. Customized products available dependent on your detailed requirements.
6. Testing Report: ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001.
7. Fast delivery and convenient transportation: get your order when you need it.
8. Standard exporting deals, Different products in several box, first Nonwoven cloth packing bubbles, main parts use wood and iron remain package, then fixed in the container.

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How to ChooseBumper Cars

Sky-net bumper car is warmly welcomed by investors, sky-net bumper car need special ceilings and floor, there is a wire on the bumper car that contact the ceiling and floor. Velocity for sky-net bumper car is 10-13km/h. The power and voltage of sky-net bumper cars is 270W/90V Normal size bumper vehicles from Zhengzhou Carnee Rides can hold two folks at the same time. Parents can take their child to play together and revel in the happy parent-child time.

Skynet bumper car for sale in Philippines

Bumper car rides will be always the most popular selling amusement rides, it looks every season is it hot season, because each month we have clients orders for the bumper car rides from domestic and acroad, since it is a lot more suited to both children and adults. with regard to abroad, the electrical bumper car rides is absolutely hot, especially the skynet electric bumper car rides with tail, people a lot more like the rides with tail to| work.

we have several customers from Philippines come to inquire the skynet electric bumper car trips, they all believed this really is more interesting and safety, these people like, in order that sent to them. apart from this, we also have the electric battery bumper car rides, groundnet bumper car rides and also the inflatable model, welcome to our factory to have a check.

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