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buy flying ufo ride for sale

July 12, 2018


The particular Disco ride which has another names: flying UFO and magic bowl trip, is one kind of worldwide popular rides and one of the most fascinating amusement equipment. As for the Disco rides, there are six main component parts: track, turntable disk, stage, decoration part, safety device and electronic control unit. The primary parts of the Disco ride are made of galvanized steel and fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP) and the thickness of fiberglass is 5-8mm. The particular track of the flying UFO amusement ride is fifty percent round and in the track, there exists a round colored platform, around which there are 24 installed seats in total. As well as the chairs with glass fiber strengthened plastic materials that has characteristics of environment manufacturing, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, etc.. The flying UFO is also outfitted with stunning lighting, wonderful music, Non-fading and sturdy painting. Therefore, the UFO amusement ride is preferred by children and many teens, especially Carnee Disco trip for sale.

Character Of Flying UFO Ride

Flying UFO rides, also known as Flying Disco, or Miracle bowl ride, and is a brand new disco coaster enjoyment ride, mostly appreciated by younger all over the world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Monitor. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the larger point on the single monitor when it works. The particular sudden rising and dropping, ups and downs with numerous changes, fast and slow, associated with strong, powerful interactions brings the travellers the most magically exciting feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill trips and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to have the sense that you can’t control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the best amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.

Advantages of Carnee Disco Amusement Rides

1. Excitement rides: riders cannot control their body and thoughts when they are soaring on the Disco rides.
2. The impressive design and colorful painting bring riders more happiness.
3. Top quality, environmental friendly and low maintenance: fiberglass strengthened plastics(FRP)and galvanized steel.
4. Carnee Disco rides are popular among grownups and teenagers and widely observed in amusement park, fairground, indoor and outdoor playground.

How does a Flying Disco Ride Work?

The flying disco ride has several main parts, that is the track and support, turntable and control system. When the equipment does not work, the turntable stays at the lowest position and core point of the monitor. When starting the amusement disco ride, the huge turntable will rotate back and force on the long track repeatedly, until progress to the top point. Simultaneously, the disco turntable will rotate in 360 degree by itself.

Driving on the carnival disco ride and sliding upward and down quickly, travellers will feel they are on the roller coaster. Sometimes they are rushing to the sky, sometimes they are rushing down, it surely will bring you both crazy and happy experience.

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