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bumper cars on ice for sale

August 08, 2018


Do you really enjoy bumper cars during the summer and ice skating in the winter? If so, you're in luck. Nowadays, we developed a brand new entertainment ride--ice bumper cars! The amusement parks need our new ice bumper cars, which is well suited for everyone of people. As it is interesting and thrill and other advantage, ice fender car will welcome by people from all over the world. Riders can drive their own snow bumper cars traveling in the amusement parks readily and display their traveling skills when colliding, subterfuge. Each car has a wheel for steering and an accelerator pedal to get it moving. Ice cubes bumper cars are essential by your amusement cars or theme parks, plazas, shopping malls. Contact us whenever you are looking for glaciers bumper cars.

How to start out a bumper car entertainment project

The ice fender car is an entertainment project with low investment and high income. This is for this reason that it has attracted the interest of many investors. Ahead of you invest, you can appreciate how the procedure and management of this job can be done.

The foremost is the procedure site. Glaciers bumper car has suprisingly low requirements on the site. The scale can be flexibly controlled. From a few hundred square metres to thousands of sq meters, it can be used to operate the bumper car project on ice. It can conform to both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are operating outdoors, you need to pre-arrange the internet site in advance for easy management. You can utilize iron fencing to enclose the internet site. You can also mark the edge of the site with simple decorations. If perhaps you are operating in the north, you can even use snow. A web site is very simple and convenient, and then the cool surface is put in the site. With all the support of superior natural conditions, only a certain amount of water needs to be located in the site, and the drinking water naturally condenses and then can be opened.


Spin Zone Bumper Cars

The Spin Zone Experience will include a new and interesting attraction to your procedure that is packaged for broad appeal using limited space at a price that makes sense in different economy. No "costly electric floor" needed. Spin Zone Fender Cars can managed with Wooden, Concrete, Asphalt, or even Ice! Customized to suit your floor space and operational needs, and at a surprisingly cheaper point, Spin Zone is the "Next Great Bump" for your business. At Entertainment Products, our intensive research and experience all of us to an attraction that can run up to 16 hours between charges and is also very low on maintenance. With the proprietary r / c control system (Ride Commander), the cars, safety headline, music and lights are started and stopped by remote control, making for easy, safe operation.

why Choose Carnee Ice bumper Cars

1. High quality reassured with competitive price
2. Rich experience in exporting and know better what the customer wants
3. Design your products as you prefer, habits, colors and shapes can be customized
4. Make an effort our best to meet the needs you have & save your budget that help clients to make large revenue with our equipment
5. Excellent after-sale service, be concerned free purchasing
6. Present park design service totally free
7. Very popular in Middle East, Russia, The african continent, South usa and other countries

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