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battery bumper car for sale

August 08, 2018


Electric battery bumper cars for sales are a popular enjoymentent ride in all of the over the world. Many young people love this interesting voyages. Your amusement park needs this attractive amusement voyages. Carnee Amusement Equipment is one of the popular amusement power supply bumper car manufacturers in China. For those who have any need in your amusement park systems, please contact us! We all will provide you high quality battery bumper cars and best services! Best electric battery bumper cars in affordable prices is required in the theme parks!

What is a battery controlled bumper car

A power supply powered bumper car is obviously totally different from a vintage dodgem, the battery is employed as dynamic device in electric battery bumper car and it provides energy through the motors, gears and some chains to drive the wheels to perform. A exceptional point is usually that the battery fender cars with incredible floor-adaptation ability may even run upon an ice ground.


The battery powered fender cars can be added at theme parks, funfairs and in the food markets. In a word, everywhere you want, proved go back on the investment!


The Advantage of Battery Fender Cars for Sale

  • Turning adopt the steering steering wheel, the use of an automobile steering, more reliable, and more flexible control.
  • Very soft back spoiler design, with car seat design, can make people more comfortable ride.
  • Seamless integration fiber glass body design, colorfast color spray paint, more image impact.
  • High fidelity stereo system music, multiple background music can be selected.
  • Possess front and rear lamps system to help make the vision more beautiful.

Why you buy the battery bumper car?

The battery bumper car is a great experience for the kids, they can find out how to drive. Children can have experience of driving a battery car. It is a good amusement ride for kids, and it is common in the amusement recreation area, game center, theme park systems, shopping mall, supermarket, and many others. They will work on any flat floor. And they do not require any special floor. The youngsters over 4 years old can play the power supply bumper car by themselves. They will have great fun with the fender car, the music and the shining LED signals on the bumper car.

Battery bumper is a wonderful business with small investment and huge earnings. You must not wait to commence your business with our kid battery pack bumper car. Just commences your business of the battery bumper car without the hesitation! Battery bumper car is your best choice if you learn to run your amusement park business.

Battery bumper car voyages factory

With new and advanced technology, Carnee electric battery bumper car rides designed and created by Carnee Amusement Park Rides Organization are exported in a lot of countries in past times years. Such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil etc. And we keep leading in entertainment industry over 12 years in China.

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